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About Fawzia Mubarak Al Hassawi

CEO, FMH Group of Companies

Named one of the Arab world’s most powerful women by Forbes Magazine, Fawzia Al Hassawi reached her lofty and respected position through a career characterized by both pragmatism and loyalty.

Encouraged by her father at a young age, she started out by working for the family business operating in real estate, hospitality, and manufacturing; areas in which Ms. Al Hassawi is still very much involved today. Ms. Al Hassawi also studied accounting, auditing and business administration in order to better serve her family’s business and her own businesses, earning her qualifications as a certified public accountant (CPA), followed by a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

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"Peace is important for the growth of nations, it is also important for everything else in life. So let’s work together to grow our nations in peace. Kuwait is in our hearts and its people will keep it always at the top. "

- Fawzia Mubarak Al Hassawi