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MHMC Hospital


Rehafit MHMC (Mubarak Al Hassawi – Medical City) is outpatient physiotherapy clinic that will treat, all injuries and illnesses that are indicated for physiotherapy and rehabilitation with particular attention to Neurorehabilitation, Sport injuries, Orthopedics, Speech therapy, and Pediatric physiotherapy. Most of our treatments are based on holistic approach. Rehafit‘s approach to holistic therapy involves seeing the patient as a whole, not just as a patient with an injured body part.  

Our holistically oriented treatments involve:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sensory integration therapy

Some of the treatments we are offering are: dynamic standing, balancing and cycling training with biofeedback, manual therapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT),  high intensity laser (HIL), neurodevelopmental approach (NDT), medical manual massage, kinesiotaping, thermotherapy, electrotherapy modalities (ultrasound, laser, transcutaneous

MHMC Medical City Project intends to bring highly specialized tertiary care, healthcare delivery to the United Arab Emirates in particular and the larger Gulf region in general.

The development is expected to contain five different but symbiotic elements which are as under:

  • Tertiary care hospital;
  • Rehabilitation center with 40 beds;
  • Wellness and Diet Center or Destination Spa with 32 keys;
  • Upper midscale hotel with 216 keys, food and beverage facilities and banquet halls;
  • Retail facilities.

The facility is accessible from Sharjah and Dubai International Airports and is also connected by road to other Emirates. By virtue of its location it intends to serve the target markets which according to previous studies commissioned by the proprietors, is envisaged to range from cities in the UAE to the entire GCC and beyond.

" Peace is important for the growth of nations, it is also important for everything else in life. So let’s work together to grow our nations in peace. Kuwait is in our hearts and its people will keep it always at the top. "

- Fawzia Mubarak Al Hassawi