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Pirate Treasure Restaurant

Pirate Treasure

The Pirates is the newest addition to the F&B group and it is mainly a themed restaurant which will be specialized in International seafood cuisine and it will have a retail shop to sell souvenirs and garments related to the theme and the restaurant.

Pirate Treasure is a restaurant chain that has opened its first restaurant in a prime location in Kuwait in 2015 – The Cube Mall Salmiya and has the ambition to open additional ones in other strategic locations

The theme will be as follows:

  • A themed tour that will be designed for the guests to experience the concept which is related to the life of Pirates.
  • The dinner which will be in the restaurant of course the decoration will be related all to pirates as well as the table tops, the cutleries, etc…
  • Finally on their way out, the guests will have to pass through the retail shop and, if they want, buy souvenirs, etc..
  • MHRDG also created its own two brands and registered them in UK – “Pirate Treasure” and “Chocolate Ice Café”
  • CIC has already opened in two locations : The Cube Mall Salmiya and Miral Mangaf and also intends to open additional selling points in other strategic locations.
  • MHRDG also operates a Kitchen and a laboratory in Hawally in Kuwait in which all the products are daily prepared and then freshly delivered to the shops. MHRDG Kitchen & laboratory are also offering their products and services to individuals and companies and organize their events: Marriage , parties and gatherings, ceremonies, banquets, buffets, cocktails, and gifts...

Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure
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- Fawzia Mubarak Al Hassawi