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Baden-Baden Neues Schloss


Neues Schloss, or the New Castle of Baden-Baden is one of the last remaining castle residences in Germany. With origins in the late 14th century, this historical monument was built and occupied by the Margraves of Baden until it’s sale to the Al-Hassawi Group in late 2003. The Late Mubarak Abdul-Aziz Al-Hassawi, as Chairman of the Al-Hassawi Group, recognized its development potential within his first visit to the property.

Although overgrown and dilapidated site he could see its potential and considered the New Castle of Baden-Baden “an outstanding property of European dimensions. We consider Baden-Baden and the location of this building a wonderful place... I am delighted that my family and my Group of Companies can make a contribution towards preserving for posterity such an important cultural monument in Germany and that we will be able to put it to a new use.“

Mrs. Al-Hassawi states that “the project New Castle Baden-Baden ranks very high among our international enterprises; we will preserve, refurbish and protect the building and the gardens. With the help of a new conceptof utilization, we will turn the complex in yet another jewel of Baden-Baden. We work very hard to achieve thisaim” bought the Neues Schloss in Baden-Baden. The building and grounds, which are protected as a historical monument, are to be converted into an exclusive hotel complex.

This will assure the future of this culturally important German palace, which has stood empty and unused for many years. The sale of the Neues Schloss was announced at a joint press conference given by the House of Baden, represented by HRH Prince Bernhard of Baden, and the Al-Hassawi family. It has been agreed not to divulge the selling price. Al-Hassawi announced that the historical building fabric would be treated with the greatest of care and sensitivity. A number of conversions and extensions would have to be undertaken to ensure long-term economic utilization.

A comprehensive examination of the property’s future utilization as a hotel managed by one of the most prestigious operators in the world , he stated, take between six and nine months. The AlHassawi Group estimates the cost of restoration at around 18 million Euro. Additionally, it is estimated that a further investment volume of between 60 and 80 million Euro.

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